Who is the Elusive Miss Jean Louis?

It’s that time of year, schools out and the summer is upon us. You’re probably thinking holiday, relaxing by the pool, or even lazy days at home… WRONG! It’s GISHWHES time and the worldwide scavenger hunt really does take over your entire life for a whole week. We all know Misha, you know the trench coat clad fallen angel, always on social media and not shy to live stream these days(often showing us the inside of his nostrils). But, how many of us know that much about the elusive Miss Jean Louis? Yes she is usually the first one to email introducing herself to us Gishers. I always deduct from her emails that she is kept very busy during the hunt. Delving deeper into the person herself, there are some clues about her zany personality on her twitter bio.She is from Kohr Angar which is a town in the Northen Obock region of Djibouti. It is situated on the west coast of the Bab el Mandeb Strait. Wow I’m thinking, how on Earth did her path cross with Misha, who knows? But it did, and she certainly keeps everything running smoothly. Her social media posts are dedicated to Gishwhes and her personality shines through.She goes on to say in her bio, that she was born in a hut in the dirt. She was born into this world kicking and screaming and that is how she quotes that she shall leave this world.

To sum up this incredulous person I would say:

Miss Jean Louis is a hardworking, completely mad Gishwhes maiden, who has dedicated her being to the weird and the wonderful, the completely bonkers and insanity of what is Gishwhes.She also has a loving and a caring side to her nature,  which we see in the kind acts Gishwhes does throughout the world.


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